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Infinite Releases New AS/400 Migration Toolset Family, Infinite i

Infinite i migrates and deploys RPG or COBOL applications written for IBM System i (AS/400) to Red Hat 64-bit Linux

June 2, 2011-LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIFORNIA, USA, BUENOS AIRES de ARGENTINA, MADRID de ESPANA.  Infinite Corporation, a global IT integrator, has announced today that it has released the latest version of its popular AS/400 migration toolset.

Linux Version of AS/400 applications… No rewrites required.

Infinite i is a toolset that migrates AS/400 applications to Linux from IBM i OS.  The latest release deploys RPG or COBOL applications written for the IBM System i (AS/400) platform to Red Hat 64-bit Linux.  The new product is much faster in terms of processing power and read/write speed than previous 32-bit products. Infinite i migrates RPG or COBOL applications by recompiling and deploying them natively over Linux.  The AS/400 applications don’t have to be rewritten or translated.  They are migrated natively and maintain source code integrity.  It is simply the easiest, fastest, least cost method for migrating AS/400-based applications.  No rewrites required.

Virtualization Included

Infinite i executes on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 6.1 (RHEL) and includes Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV), which allows multiple guests to share a hardware device without compromising performance.  The new platform offers increasingly sophisticated virtualization management, provisioning, and deployment tools.

Aside from virtualization, Infinite emphasizes its commitment to scalability and energy efficiency. Infinite i operating will have no difficulty powering new servers with 64 processor cores and 2TB of memory, the company says. It can support a theoretical maximum of 16TB of physical memory, assuming that anybody wanted to build an AS/400 server with such specifications. The operating system can automatically put unused cores into a low-power state until they are needed, thus conserving valuable energy and reducing power costs.

HA/DR included

By incorporating virtualization technology from Red Hat with Infinite i’s latest product family, ISV’s and end-users alike will benefit from built-in HA/DR.  The failover tools that are incorporated with the new product family provide faster failover with lower hardware costs and no-extra charge software licensing or maintenance fees for High Availability or Disaster Recovery.

Industry Standard Hardware

Infinite i is designed to deploy on Industry Standard X86 Servers.  Whether the hardware of choice is IBM X Series, HP ProLiant Blades or Dell Poweredge, Infinite i is designed to allow AS/400 applications to be deployed on low-cost, high performance servers.  

About Infinite Corporation

Infinite Corporation is a global IT integrator.  The company enjoys over 100,000 installations in 56 countries.  Infinite operates from offices on 4 continents.  Its expertise is represented in several practice areas.  These include legacy applications migration, the implementation of enterprise scale database architecture and the Cloud-based deployment of business applications.   Infinite Corporation operates from Headquarters offices in Orange County, California, Buenos Aires, Argentina,, Madrid, Espana and regional offices worldwide.  For more information, please visit

About Red Hat

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