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Infinite releases new AS 400 Migration tools

Infinite Corporation announced today that it is releasing a new family of toolsets for System i (AS/400) migration. The newly announced Infinite i is a family of tools that migrate RPG and COBOL applications developed for the AS/400 to Linux, Windows and three version of Unix (HP-UX, AIX and Solaris).

Infinite i from Infinite Corporation will provide for the migration of RPG and RPG ILE applications along with the associated CL and DDS programs to open systems such as Linux, Windows and Linux.  Once migrated, The infinite toolsets will provide the for now-recompiled programs to be executed in the Infinite Deployment Environment.  This environment allows the recompiled applications to execute as they did natively and write to either Oracle or MS SQL.

The Infinite i product family provides for the rehosting of AS/400 applications to open systems without having to rewrite the code.  It is simply the easiest, fastest, least cost and lowest risk way to migrate AS/400 applications to open systems.