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Infinite Announces New Version of AS/400 Migration Tool Infinite i Version 14

Infinite Adds Expanded Java IDE and expanded Cloud Support in new version.

Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider, has announced today, its latest version, Infinite I Version 14.  Infinite I is the world’s best-selling AS/400 migration toolset.  This new version will provide the ability for AS/400-based RPG and COBOL applications to be supported in Java not the original RPG or COBOL languages post-migration.  Additionally, the new Version 14 will provide a smoother transition from on-premise IBM I Power systems to AWS and Azure Cloud Services.

Infinite Corporation has long provided the ability to migrate IBM I (AS/400) applications to open platforms like Linux and Windows.  In the past, Infinite provide the ability to migrate to AWS and Azure, but now there are tools in the product which enhance the ability to copy and recompile in the Cloud.  These will now be automated processes using Infinite I V14. 

As RPG and COBOL talent ages out of the marketplace, businesses are concerned that support of core applications simply won’t be available.  Infinite has solved this problem with Infinite I V14.  I the latest version, Infinite’s new IDE will allow migrated RPG, COBOL and DDS programs to be edited in a Java format completely compatible with the migrated applications.  C and Java talent can now support those applications in the typical x86 environment.  Cloud-based or on-premise.

“It has been consistently our goal to extend critical applications to new platforms.  Now that extends to newer languages”, said Raquela Kaplan, Marketing Manager, Infinite Corporation.

Infinite I continues to be the market leader in AS/400 migration toolsets and this  announcement of Infinite I V14 continues the legacy.   The release date of Infinite I V14 is June 1, 2017.


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Infinite Corporation is a global Software and Services provider. The company enjoys over 100,000 installations in 56 countries. Infinite operates from offices on 4 continents. Its expertise is represented in several practice areas. These include legacy applications migration, the implementation of enterprise scale database architecture and the Cloud-based deployment of business applications. Infinite Corporation operates from Headquarters offices in Orange County, California, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Madrid, Spain and regional offices worldwide.

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