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Infinite Release Infinite i Version 13

Infinite, the Global Leader in IBM I (AS/400) migration tools and services, Adds Support for Horizontal Scale, Oracle 12c and MS SQL 2016 in new version.

Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider, has announced today, its latest version, Infinite I Version 13.  Infinite I is the world’s best-selling AS/400 migration toolset.  This new version will provide the ability for AS/400-based RPG and COBOL applications to scale horizontally, write to Oracle 12c or MS SQL 2016.  All things the AS/400 platform itself cannot provide.

Infinite Corporation has long provided the ability to migrate IBM I (AS/400) applications to open platforms like Linux and Windows.  The new version of Infinite I extends RPG and COBOL applications beyond the capabilities of the AS/400.  “It is our goal to extend the value of AS/400 applications beyond their present hardware and operating system”, says Raquela Kaplan, Marketing Manager, Infinite Corporation.

Infinite I Version 13 (v13) provides the ability to scale RPG and COBOL applications horizontally (something impossible on IBM i).  This means that applications can be deployed using as many servers as the user base requires.  The AS/400 environment was developed to support only vertical scale.  Therefore, AS/400 applications can only be deployed on one server.  Using Infinite I, these applications can scale out, not just up.

Additional v13 enhancements include: 

Support the latest Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems

Support for the latest Oracle and Microsoft MS SQL databases

v13 continues the evolution of Infinite’s toolsets by building leading technology for AS/400 applications.  V13 is the culmination of 40 years of IBM midrange migration and modernization and was released on October 15, 2016.


About Infinite Corporation

Infinite Corporation is a global Software and Services provider. The company enjoys over 100,000 installations in 56 countries. Infinite operates from offices on 4 continents. Its expertise is represented in several practice areas. These include legacy applications migration, the implementation of enterprise scale database architecture and the Cloud-based deployment of business applications. Infinite Corporation operates from Headquarters offices in Orange County, California, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Madrid, Spain and regional offices worldwide.

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