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Infinite Releases latest version of its IBM i (AS/400) Migration Toolset

Infinite Releases Infinite i v12™

Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider, has announced today, its latest AS/400 migration toolset, Infinite i v12™ has been released.

Infinite Corporation, the global leader in AS/400 migration, released its new Infinite i v12 today.  This version provides a series of upgrades, new features and benefits for the Infinite i installed base and the AS/400 community. 

Infinite i, the most widely deployed AS/400 Migration toolset in the world, allows RPG and COBOL applications developed for the IBM AS/400 platform to be recompiled and deployed to more open operating systems, databases and Cloud providers.  The latest version, Infinite i v12, supports Red Hat Linux Version 7, Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Oracle 12c and Microsoft SQL Server 2016. 

The enhancements to Infinite i v12 make processing large volumes of data much faster, server and storage resources are used far more efficiently and the transition from the AS/400 to Linux or Windows has been streamlined.  Infinite i v12 is designed to operate in data centers running Linux/Oracle or Windows Server/MS SQL.  Applications can be easily transitioned to operate on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS in the Cloud using Infinite i v12.

Cloud Transformation

Businesses who have migrated legacy application developed on the AS/400 to Infinite i will find they can make the transition to a Cloud provider like AWS in a matter of days. 

Infinite i v12 is tightly integrated with Infinite Cloud v2.  Infinite i provides the latest migration tools and Infinite Cloud transforms green screens to GUI.  Infinite Cloud is often the interactive component of an AS/400 modernization project preferred by clients who wish to remain on Power (AS/400) systems. Infinite provides an end-to-end plan for the migration and modernization of RPG and COBOL applications with Infinite i v12 and Infinite Cloud v2.

Infinite Corporation and its brands, BABY36, BABY i, Infinite 36, Infinite i and Infinite Cloud have migrated and modernized applications for companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Schlumberger, Caterpillar and BWM.  To learn more about Infinite i v12, please visit