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Infinite Scores IBM I (AS/400) Migration Contract with Government of Brunei

Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider has announced today that the company has been awarded a large-scale application migration with the Sultanate of Brunei.

Infinite Corporation has been awarded a contract to migrate RPG-based AS/400 applications for the Government of Brunei.  The Sultanate has been operating many aging AS/400 systems for its key applications.  These systems operate at great cost to the government agencies they support.  The data produced from these systems is currently maintained in a highly proprietary and aging database structure that makes sharing information between agencies and within departments challenging.


As the Sultanate has moved in the direction of standardizing on the Oracle database environment, the transition from DB2 for IBM I (DB2/400) became more important.


The Infinite I toolset and services from the Infinite Services teams will migrate both the applications and data to Linux and Oracle, respectively.  Since the data will be migrated to Oracle and the new data produced from the system will be written to Oracle, the other applications currently running Oracle will have immediate and real time access to the information produced by ALL the applications in use by the Government of Brunei.  By migrating the applications to Linux and Oracle, the Sultanate of Brunei will realize dramatic cost-savings, ease of support going forward using open system sand much more functionality using the Oracle database in the future.


“We are delighted to add the Sultanate of Brunei to our growing list of global clients”, said Raquela Kaplan, Marketing Director, Infinite Corporation.