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Infinite Migrates Caterpillar DBS/DBSI-To Present at Caterpillar Dealer Show

. Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider, has announced today that it has migrated and will present Caterpillar’s DBSI software under the Windows operating system. DBSI is a software package used by many Caterpillar dealers worldwide. The software application is written in COBOL for the IBM I (AS/400) platform. Until now, DBSI could only be deployed on the AS/400 platform using the proprietary AS/400 database. No longer. Now, DBSI can be deployed on Windows using the MS SQL database.

Infinite has worked with Caterpillar and many of its dealers since the 1990’s.  In fact, Infinite migrated Caterpillar’s DCES product from the IBM System/36 to the PC platform and deployed it across dealers throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. 


Today, Infinite has migrated the DBSI product to Windows and the database to MS SQL.  The AS/400 or IBM I is no longer required.  This solution is being made available to Caterpillar dealers globally who operate DBSI but who wish to do so under the Windows platform instead of the IBM AS/400.


This solution provides a lower cost platform that is easy to implement and support.   The Windows version of DBSI will be demonstrated at the Caterpillar Dealer Show, NADITA in Las Vegas, NV on April 25, 2015.  “We are very excited to show the Windows version of DBSI to the Caterpillar Dealer Community in April”, said Raquela Kaplan, Marketing Director, Infinite Corporation.  “We believe the Caterpillar Dealers participating in this Year’s NADITA event will be very surprised at how easy and inexpensive it is to transition from the AS/400 version of DBSI to the Windows version”, continued Kaplan.


To learn more about the Windows version of DBSI, please visit