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Infinite Releases New Version of BABY36™

Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider, has announced today a new release of BABY36. The popular toolset designed to migrate RPG applications developed for the System/36 environment is now available for download at the company’s web site,

BABY36 is a value product that can be either be purchased or acquired as a subscription.  The product is designed to be a low cost, easy-to-deploy solution that migrates RPGII applications to Windows.  The product includes a Developer Toolset and an Application Server for deployment.  The product will migrate System/36 RPG applications in a few days from the IBM i(AS/400) platform running in emulation mode to Windows. 


Once the applications are migrated, the AS/400 or System/36 is no longer required.  The product comes with a limited GUI and web-enablement capabilities.  It is designed for small businesses or deployments with a maximum of 20 users.


BABY36 uses the 64-bit version of Windows Enterprise Server as its migration and deployment vehicle.  Access can be gained via browser from any device --desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. 


“The latest version of BABY36 builds on our heritage as the global leader in AS/400 migration products and services ”said Raquela Kaplan, Marketing Director, Infinite Corporation.  “The 2015 version of BABY36 encompasses the ability to easily and inexpensively migrate RPG applications to Windows without having to rewrite any of the code.  The concept was revolutionary when we first released BABY/32.  Building on that foundation is just as important to us with this version of BABY36,” continued Kaplan.


To learn more about migrating System/36 applications to Windows, please visit