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IBM I (AS/400) Applications Can Now Be Migrated and Supported in Java

Infinite Adds Java Functions to RPG and COBOL Applications for AS/400

Infinite Corporation, a global Software and Services Provider, has announced today, its latest AS/400 migration toolset, Infinite i, will now allow RPG and COBOL applications migrated to open platforms using its Infinite I toolset to be maintained in Java instead of RPG or COBOL.

In previous versions of our Infinite I product, and its predecessors, we allowed for the migration of RPG and COBOL applications to open operating systems like Windows, Linux or UNIX. One of the benefits of using our toolset was that the original team that supported and maintained those applications could continue to do so in their original languages.  As RPG and COBOL skills are more difficult to attract, businesses are concerned about the continuing support of these applications, said Raquela Kaplan, Director Marketing, Infinite Corporation.

“To mitigate the concern of providing support for legacy applications, Infinite has developed the ability to support the migrated code in Java rather than RPG or COBOL. Our product strategy has assumed, for some time, that new development would be done in Java. To that end, we have added the ability to call Java programs and to access third party Java-based plug-ins. Now we have taken the next step in evolving support of the applications as well. 

The benefits are extraordinary in that existing Java talent can now support and plug into the migrated RPG or COBOL code.

Client expectations have evolved over the years. Our clients wanted us to simply move the applications and allow them to function as they did before. Then, they required us to be able to execute the code and write to databases like Oracle; then they were interested in making the applications graphically cloud accessible. Now, they wish to use Java-oriented teams support and develop the applications.

Our goals are to meet client expectations and to provide a future for the global base of AS/400 -developed applications”, continued Kaplan.

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Infinite Corporation is a global Software and Services provider. The company enjoys over 100,000 installations in 56 countries. Infinite operates from offices on 4 continents. Its expertise is represented in several practice areas. These include legacy applications migration, the implementation of enterprise scale database architecture and the Cloud-based deployment of business applications. Infinite Corporation operates from Headquarters offices in Orange County, California, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Madrid, Spain and regional offices worldwide.

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