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International Monetary System, Ltd (IMS)


International Monetary Systems, Ltd. (IMS) enjoys a reputation as the leader in the commercial industry barter marketplace. IMS was established in 1985, for the purpose of acquiring, owning, managing, and operating trade exchanges and other related businesses and is one of the world's largest barter systems, serving more than 16,000 business and service professionals throughout the U.S. IMS has a seasoned management team with more than one hundred years of combined industry experience.

The Problem

IMS had very robust, custom applications that had been designed over years to uniquely support the specific functionalities their clients required. IMS realized that in order to be the true industry leader, their IT environment needed to expand and modernize to accommodate the evolving needs of their global clients. The IMS organization required greater scalability for their applications. This meant the ability to support an increasing number of users, the ability to run those AS/400-developed applications on open platforms like Windows Server, and to deploy them via the web, graphically.

The Solution

IMS explored a number of different bartering applications after coming to the realization that it was time to migrate and modernize. While acquiring new applications was the first choice for them, they realized that none of the applications they reviewed offered them the unique functionality that they had developed in their custom applications. A complete rewrite of the application would have been costly and time-consuming, two resources which most companies cannot spare, and IMS was no exception. IMS determined, after thorough evaluation of marketplace options, that migrating their code and modernizing the user interface was the appropriate course of action to alleviate their problems.

The decision to implement the INFINITE solution was based on the following characteristics:

  • The ability to retain their investment in a highly specialized application.
  • The speed and efficiency of the Infinite migration and modernization approach.
  • Web deployment for access from ground or satellite-based clients and SOA enablement.

The Outcome

This AS/400 Migration and Modernization project was begun in early 2007 and will be completed later in the year. Now IMS end users can look forward to enjoying enhanced functionality with their migrated applications, as well as a graphical, web-enabled user interface. IMS developers enjoy an improved development environment with the capability of making dynamic additions to the existing application functionality. The business runs more efficiently, cost-effectively and experiences the benefits of integration of database and applications across the enterprise.