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Infinite Corporation verfügt über beträchtliche Branchenerfahrung und viele Kundenprojekten.



Schlumberger is a global oilfield and information services company with major activity in the energy industry. The company employs people of more than 140 nationalities working in 100 countries, and consists of three business segments.

For oil services, off shore operations and energy producers in 140 countries, Oil producers, oil producing governments and operations rely on Schlumberger. Officials at the headquarters of the $13.5 B corporation understand that immediate and relevant data translates to a healthy bottom line.

Schlumberger has become a global powerhouse, its aggressive technology goals for building its business and improving the bottom line led to the need to employ best-of-breed solutions from INFINITE Corporation.

INFINITE Corporation’s BABY/OLAP solution plays an important role for field managers to see what’s going on inside their individual business units. INFINITE Corporation allows those field managers and finance managers to quickly drill to a lower level of detail and more effectively manage field operations and project costs.

For several years, Schlumberger has worked to develop the best possible enterprise reporting infrastructure that empowers employees to obtain any piece of data critical to increasing sales or improving project efficiency. The INFINITE Corporation implementation, called BABY/OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing), plays a key role in delivering this information to the end user.

With INFINITE Corporation technology, Schlumberger employees are able to understand what is going on at any given project location across the globe. Regional vice presidents and project managers, for instance, can quickly view project costs and profitability trends at any location and make decisions on the fly that can add dollars to the bottom line. As a result of using the INFINITE Corporation platform, Schlumberger is realizing significant benefits (including high ROI) through improved project management decisions, more timely responses to information requests, cost reductions efforts, and enhanced employee productivity.

Schlumberger Cements INFINITE Corporation Foundation

Schlumberger deployed the BABY/OLAP platform to anchor all of its business intelligence applications. BABY/OLAP was used as a critical element to provide the analysis functionality and security features needed to support varied project plans. Easy deployability, simple maintenance, and greater ease-of-use found in BABY/OLAP made it easier for both the IT support staff and end users to use this tool.

More than 150 users actively use BABY/OLAP™, an all-XML, intuitive interface, to build their own ad-hoc queries or run predefined data reports against an 8-terabyte data warehouse.

The Decision

Several reasons influenced Schlumberger to select INFINITE Corporation as the company’s primary business intelligence platform. “Our relationship with INFINITE Corporation spans several decades, but our decision to utilize BABY/OLAP at this time was because we were impressed with the breadth and understanding of INFINITE Software’s consultants, the company’s vision and its ability to deliver complex analysis intuitively via the Web,” said Dr. Hector Garcia, Vice President.